Office Furniture Recycling Centres CIC
A Community Interest Company
Office Furniture Clearance & Recycling Service

Have Redundant or Surplus Office Furniture?

If so we would be pleased to come and discuss its removal , as we are constantly looking for surplus office furniture that we can refurbish.

Office Furniture End of Life:

More often that not the used office furniture we are offered is at the end of its working life

We recycle ethically using specialist partners, the wooden parts are sent for processing for Bio Mass Fuels, the metal components are sent for reprocessing therefore stopping your redundant furniture ending up in landfill.

"Recycling is, in the majority of cases, cheaper than sending your surplus furniture to landfill and a  more socially acceptable solution - we even provide a Certificate of Recycling for you"

OFRC CIC is a Community Interest Company, a not for profit organisation and as such we can offer you very competitively priced socially acceptable solutions for your surplus office furniture.

To discuss your individual requirements and obtain a quote:
0151 665 0566 our team will be happy to help.


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